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>> So, if there is a national ID that people are expected to have, how do
>> you keep states & cities from passing laws requiring carrying & producing
>> on demand?
>> "Pass a Constitutional amendment" doesn't cut it.  This is the kind of
>> thing where an unconstitutional law will get enforced widely without, in
>> many cases, recourse to courts; by the time the case gets to court (if it
>> does - if it's not just an excuse to hold someone overnight and confiscate
>> whatever's on the person), damage has already been done.  If the law gets
>> struck down, something just like it gets passed, and the cycle continues.
> If we can't count on the Constitution to protect us, all hope is lost.

We can't count on the Constitution to protect us in all things, and all
hope is not lost.

For instance in this case, one solution is to simply not set up an
expectation that people should always have their ID available - for
instance, by not requiring that everyone have an ID.

(Which is distinct from there being a national ID that anyone may have with
little to no expense - for instance, if there was a form of passport that
was free to apply for and issue, at least the first time for any given
person and any renewals.)
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