[ExI] Dr Mardy quote of the week: his own

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Tue Jan 19 20:01:44 UTC 2021

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Dr Mardy quote of the week: his own

On 19/01/2021 15:12, Spike wrote:
> Ben, how can you really be absolutely sure... that I exist?  I might 
> be just a kind of imaginary construct.

>... whatever created it possesses all the necessary qualities and knowledge
to be Spike, so it might as well be Spike ...
Ben Zaiboc


Oh OK Ben thanks for that.  It increases my confidence I exist.  This
explanation is more satisfying that that feller who commented "I think,
therefore I am."

Where I was originally going with it however is that you might be the only
one.  It would kind of a software version of The Truman Show, where you are
Truman and we are avatars.  If you are a Truman Show fan, you may recall
that scene at the beach where a guy popped out of the trash can and started
yelling "TRUMAN!  It's all faaake!  It's a TV show!" before several burley
guys grabbed him and hauled him away.  That would hafta be unsettling.

I would be the software equivalent of the trash can guy.


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