[ExI] Political Relativism (was very informative)

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> it could just be
> that authoritarian people are attracted to political extremes as a
> route to achieving power over others.

### Psychopaths are attracted to power as flies are attracted to shit and
they will join whatever club they think that gives them a shot at power.
The Holy Mother Catholic Church was full of psychopaths in the time of
Cesare Borgia, now it's mostly old codgers who like altar boys while the
psychopaths moved on to the various departments of the state and political
activist groups.

I am sure the Chinese imperial bureaucracy was full of psychopaths back in
the day, while the communist party was once full of idealistic dreamers,
until enough dumb peasants listened to their stories to create a chance for
a power grab and attracted the psychopaths who turned it into the biggest
meatgrinder in history. Now the CCP is properly the ASS - Association of
Sino-Assholes, the umbrella organization of all the most ambitious, most
intelligent and most depraved psychopaths that the Chinese nation has to

The wheel of history grinds on as psychopaths move around in the society
and converge on the next big thing and corrupt it, because the one stable
thing in history is that psychopaths corrupt everything they touch.

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