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> It will now contain a science advisor who is a geneticist and
> mathematician, and director of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.  The
> post had been vacant for 18 months.  This is now a cabinet level position.

### Biden's track record on science is awful. Bama and Biden (sounds like a
comic duo, doesn't it?) had Steven Chu in the cabinet, a complete wing-nut
who thought his job as Secretary of Energy was to make sure gas prices
reach 9 $ per gallon. Or that barking dimwit Holdren...  Or the
anti-nuclear activist they put in charge of the NRC.

But since Bama days they cranked up crazy to eleven. Three words - New
Green Deal.

> I just hope all of this is not going to be like putting Humpty Dumpty
> together again.  The EPA was nearly broken.
> ### The EPA should be eliminated, its buildings burned down and the ruins
sprinkled with uranium salt, just to make sure it doesn't regrow.

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