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> In general I post here when I feel I have something to contribute. But
> sometimes my contributions of the past were to FLAME MIGHTILY IN YODA MODE
> when others would make absurd claims such as "people of country X have an
> average IQ of VERY VERY LOW".
> ### But there are countries where the average IQ is very low, compared to
> other countries. This is a well-verified fact, accepted by
> psychometricians.
> Some psychometricians …while most concentrate on factors like early
> childhood nutrition, educational opportunities, presence/absence of
> widespread conflict, etc.

### So you say "It's absurd to claim people of country X have low IQ" and
then in the next sentence you imply (paraphrasing here) "early childhood
nutrition explains IQ differences".  You seem to speak of the measurement
and then speak of the explanation of the results of measurement, and your
statements on these two issues appear to be incongruous.

As it is, measured intelligence differs between different countries. This
is an established fact. Scientists do not argue about that fact anymore.
The existing, unequivocal and significant differences can be explained by
many factors, including nutrition and others, and the explanations are
still under debate.


> Countries do publish their IQ measurements and no, they
> are not all the same, and obviously some countries have lower IQ
> populations. Instead of ranting, educate yourself.
> Don't deny science.
> Rafal
> I don’t deny science, but I don’t see a causal connection between drawing
> lines on a map and the functioning of neurons.

> Could you explain the mechanism?
>  ### People stick together with their own relatives. On a larger scale,
cohesive social structures emerge among people sharing culture, which
usually comes from shared ancestry, which implies shared genes. Different
social structures coalesce out of genetically different populations, so
different social groups will differ in their language, culture and yes,
also intelligence. Drawing map lines helps here but is not necessary. It's
the reproductive isolation that matters, which is why the Parsees, the
Brahmin jatis and the Ashkenazim are smarter than their surrounding

We could argue whether such diversity is good, or bad, or just unavoidable,
but the brute fact that the diversity of IQ exists should be just accepted.

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