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>… I am concerned that you are saying that EVEN IF there is good reason to believe that millions of lives will be saved by compulsory public health measures, these measures should, on principle, not be taken. Is that right, or is there some level of certainty about the efficacy of compulsory public health measures that would lead you to say they should be implemented?


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Stathis, it sounds like what you are really asking is if there is something analogous to the draft, where the government can, under certain circumstances, legally order the citizenry (or some portion of it) to do something.  As far as I can tell, there is not.  There is no legal way for the government to crisis us into obedience to their arbitrary dictates.  I noticed that congress never even attempted to pass a law requiring anything with regard to covid, nor did any of the state legislatures. 


If some theoretical much worse pandemic came along, could governments then declare something analogous to martial law?  Considering what was done this time, I would doubt it.  We wouldn’t believe them.  We don’t believe them now: governments all over this planet shredded their credibility with their actions.


Constitutionally limited governments like the US wouldn’t be able to manufacture political power it does not have.



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