[ExI] the science might be wrong

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> Because of what happened this time, we can never get beyond reasonable doubt.  We are not beyond reasonable doubt now and are going back the other way.
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SFGate has an article -
Did shutting down outdoor dining contribute to California's COVID-19 surge?
"I do know that people were far less compliant with this last order,"
she said. "The state had less of an understanding that people were
going to gather, and not because they weren't worried, or because they
didn’t believe in COVID, but they believed they had a knowledge base
from the media about what keeps us safe. With outdoor dining closed,
they said, 'Let’s go inside with masks and distancing.' Of course, not
everyone stuck to their masks and distancing plans once they went
inside. You obviously have to take your mask off to eat, and the virus
spreads much more easily indoors."

The old 'unintended consequences' again.


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