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Because of what happened this time, we can never get beyond reasonable doubt.  We are not beyond reasonable doubt now and are going back the other way.


>…I'm talking about a situation where you, yourself, agree that these measures would save many lives. It seems that even in that case, you think it would be better to let people die. 


Stathis Papaioannou



No.  Stathis if I myself agree these measures would save many lives, I might be wrong.  It seemed like masks should help: they apparently didn’t.  Shutdowns should have helped, but we have little indication they worked.  Even if I myself agree measures would work, we still don’t know that they will.  Praying the Ava Maria and wearing rosary beads might cause god to spare us, and plenty of people would urge that course, but that might not help either.



This is a photo, taken today, of POTUS explaining to a group of mask-wearing journalists he has signed a mandate that masks are required on Federal property.  The photo was taken in front of the Lincoln Memorial:



Somehow these guys still don’t understand why we don’t give them more authority.



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