[ExI] the science might be wrong

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Sat Jan 23 23:18:16 UTC 2021

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Subject: Re: [ExI] the science might be wrong

On 23/01/2021 16:05, Spike wrote:
>>... Consider the MINO: mask in name only.  They are made of spandex.  Very

> comfortable, one scarcely knows one is wearing it

>...Excellent idea, Spike...

Thanks but it isn't my idea.  I did notice that in the past few weeks most
people you see outdoors have switched over to the spandex ones.

>... I shall make one forthwith....

Eh, or just order them.  They don't cost much.

>... I wear a MINO, but made of paper...

Same here.

>...Now, what have I got that's made of spandex, that I can cut up?

>...It will be just as much use as the paper ones, but more bearable to

Ben Zaiboc


Ben whatever you cut up is likely more valuable than the product.

They say on the package: not for surgical use.  It's their gentle way of
saying the obvious: it doesn't stop viruses or bacteria.  They don't fog
your glasses and don't even get wet inside, which tells you all you need to
know.  If it doesn't get wet inside, it isn't actually doing anything.

They are really easy to clean: just rinse them off and they are dry within a
minute or two.  

My argument isn't so much that masks don't work: some of them do.  But mask
mandates do not.


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