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> After doing the Google tornado game, I am convinced proles should not 
> buy storm insurance. Damn there hasta be a way to cash in on that 
> insight,
> spike
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>...Err, umm,  perhaps first do a search for tornado insurance claims?

>...In 2018, insurance claims related to tornado and thunderstorm damage
cost $14.1 billion. Tornado damage can be incredibly costly to fix, and a
severe tornado can easily destroy a home in minutes...

The insurance companies price in their expected payout, then rake in the
profit.  14.1 billion isn't that much money.


>...It looks like much of the tornado damage would be covered by a normal
home insurance policy. But the small print may mean that additional policies
could be required, depending on claim limits and exactly what is covered.
(In the UK, tornado damage means a few roof tiles blown off, or a garden
trampoline blown down the street)  :)  BillK

The homes in Jolly Olde are bigger than in the USA, but they are spread far


Let's try the Google tornado game in the UK.

Trial 1:  Undeveloped area, no cost to the insurance company

Trial 2:  Sparse suburbia, in outer Buckingham.  One wonders if Lindsey
Buckingham was from there.

Trial 3:  Moderate density suburb near Billesley, probably cost the
insurance company some bucks for roof tiles and trampolines

Trial 4:	Farm field.

Trial 5:  Farm field.

Trial 6:  Moderately dense suburb near Lenton.

Trial 7:  Farm field.

Trial 8:  Forest.

Trial 9:  Fallow field.

Trial 10:  Farm field, a few structures kinda nearby.

Very well, the UK experiment had 2 moderately dense suburbs that woulda cost
the insurance company money, on sparse suburb and the rest nearly negligible

I heard the tornados in UK are not very sincere in any case.


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