[ExI] Pascal's wager

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Quoting Tara Maya:

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> The argument works better with unicorns. As far as I know, there are  
> no downsides to believing in unicorns.

Despite his pious intentions, Pascal's wager is less about God or  
unicorns than it is about the physical existence of mathematical  
infinity. If mathematical infinities are physically real in the same  
sense that real physical circles exist that correspond to mathematical  
circles, then that opens a whole can of worms and anything that is is  
at all possible like gods, unicorns, dragons, and fairies, as well as  
unnamed things yet to be imagined, exist in some universe somewhere.  
That being said, based on the lack of credible evidence, your odds of  
living in the same universe as unicorns is vanishingly small.

Stuart LaForge

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