[ExI] where's the robocar races?

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Fri May 7 20:41:52 UTC 2021

Robocars would be great for demolition derby - no danger to the drivers.
 bill w

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> > I read about an upcoming autonomous car race involving school students.
> Is there another?
> >
> Yes. Roborace.
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roborace>
> Quote:
> Roborace is a competition with autonomously driving, electrically powered
> vehicles. Founded in 2015, it aims to be the first global championship for
> autonomous cars.
> ----------------
> >...Formula E is electrically powered cars with human drivers.
> BillK
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> Ja, I am looking to get away from human drivers, regardless of the format.
> I do think the whole notion of electric car racing is cool and want to see
> that too.
> In 2005 they set up a Grand Prix course in downtown San Jose.  There was a
> young female driver who was attracting a lot of attention to the sport,
> Danica Patrick, perhaps because she was (and still is) drop dead gorgeous,
> so that series brought in a lotta consumers even though the track was a
> long
> ways from optimal: too many railroad tracks and such.
> It was a fun race however: the roar of the engines, oh my.  I knew what it
> was going to be like and brought ear protection, but a prole could have
> made
> a cool fortune by going around selling those foamy ear plugs for a coupla
> bucks a pair.  I try to not ponder how tragic it was that I didn't do it.
> Electric cars: granted those are way cool and fast, but I still want to see
> the robocars do their thing.  We know formula One cars cost a forch, so my
> notion is to take older cars worth about 5k or less, such as old Crown Vics
> and Lincolns and Grand Marquis and stuff like that, cars you can afford to
> risk, retrofit them with the robocar stuff and race them stock: no engine
> or
> suspension mods, then let amateurs play.
> You could have them in classes by model and year, so the competition is
> between software developers.  If someone could put together a LIDAR kit a
> prole could buy for a coupla K, I would be willing to build a car and run
> it.  It sounds like a hell of a lotta fun, zero risk to the racers except
> of
> course the financial risk.  We could do solo time trials around a big open
> space around cones such as out at Moffett, so you wouldn't even need to
> risk
> your car.
> spike
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