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I had a wacky idea after hearing my neighbor discuss cross country trips in
his Tesla (he has two of them.)  There are enough charging stations you can
do trips in California, but those rigs take a while to charge.  I hatched an
idea to create a trailer with a generator on board, so a prole could tow
that with IC engine running, do a real cross country trip with it, see what
kind of mileage could be achieved.


Then of course before I started, I needed to see if some reprehensible
blister had already stolen my idea before I thought of it.  Someone had!  


Fortunately the goofball did it wrong.  I can see he used a generator which
is waaaaay oversized for this purpose, this one by a factor of at least 5.
A Tesla going at highway speed only uses about 20 kW, even with a generator
the size of a luxury yacht mainsail.


I will give the blighter points for that nice 38 Windsor in the background.
I know that Chrysler is pre-war because they dropped the suicide door notion
after they went back into production.




In any case. a small generator, possibly even a home-brew, on a trailer
designed to go behind a motorcycle, would be enough to keep your Tesla
charged out on the western freeway:




A prole could rig up a nice generator based on a small light motorcycle
engine, easily capable of generating a steady 20kW or 30 if you wanted some
margin.  It doesn't need to charge fast (as this guy's experiment does) or
even need to maintain a steady state really.  One could drain the Tesla
gradually while the generator is running, then charge up at night at the
hotel for instance.


I can get an older Tesla, one that looks a little tired and the batteries
need replacement, but the owner isn't sure those early Teslas are worth the
cost of a battery renewal.  I have a motorcycle engine in a bike I am
willing to sacrifice for a fun engineering experiment.  I already own a
dynamo I can rig to the bike engine, I can get a cheap tow-behind trailer
from my biker club friends, rig that up to an older Tesla and we might have
a cool low-cost tow-behind cross country Tesla but one that is done right.


Nice 38 Windsor back there though.



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