[ExI] Can philosophers produce scientific knowledge?

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Hi Jason,
Thanks for jumping in, fun to have another participant, and thanks,
Stathis, for posting this here, as evidently I would have missed it?  I
wouldn't have wanted to miss it, so wondering why I did.

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>> To support Stathis's position:
> Functionalism requires 2 things:
> 1. that the physics used by the brain is computable
> 2. That nothing in the brain requires an infinite amount of information

this entire post is a completely qualia blind, especially this list of
requirements.  In other words, you are missing THE most important
qualitative nature of consciousness and how we represent things like
knowledge of colors.

3. There must be something that is responsible for each of the intrinsic
qualities of each elemental piece of conscious knowledge, and you must be
able to observe these computational differences.

For example, by observe, if there is one pixels of visual knowledge
switching from redness to greenness,  and nothing else about you conscious
state is changing,  You of course must be able to directly apprehend the
qualitative changes in that pixel, and also must be able to objectively
observe from afar, whatever it is in your brain responsible for that
subjective change in experience.  And you must be able to do it in a way so
that you can tell if two people you are objectively observing have been
engineered to have inverted red green qualia, as depicted in this image
from Wikipedia.
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