[ExI] Optical illusion tricks you into seeing different colors

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>>If you see 'red' when it's not red in reality, does this mean that
the red qualia is just an artefact created by the brain?




>>…If so, then every brain probably creates a slightly different 'red'
qualia, sometimes even when not seeing a red object.


>…This does not logically follow.  It may be true, but not because of that cause…


Wouldn’t it be cool to somehow create a device that could measure this?  A color can’t really be doing the exact same thing in every brain, ja?


Of all the qualia discussion that has gone on for decades here, none of which I understood, this discussion may have triggered a trace of insight.  The same red may create slight differences in chemical responses in the brain which operate on very certainly different neural networks, to create an effect all the brains will agree is called red.





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