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'Younger than Springtime, am I.........'  source?


South Pacific, the musical:




Do try to catch the collection of Michener short stories upon which it was mostly based: Tales of the South Pacific.


>… look at the auditory system, the visual system, the nerves run rather strictly to various areas, whereas the nerves from the nose run all over the brain… Billw 


That explains most of it right there.  I have known of stroke victims who went blind or lost their hearing or lost a specific function such as balance, motion, even speech.  But I have never heard of a stroke victim suddenly losing the ability to smell and taste.


Conclusion: perhaps there is massively redundant circuitry on that, where parts of the brain not otherwise occupied get used for that function.  I would prefer my brain’s otherwise idle regions be wired for additional smartness rather than smell, as it apparently is in the head of Anders Sandberg, but for me, it is what it is: smelly rather than smart.





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