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>…I remember a guy who was so into safety for his kids that he had railroad ties put in the side doors.  I wonder what that car weighed.  bill w



Hard to say, but he is fooling himself if he thinks that would make the car safer.  It is likely to make the retrofitted ride more dangerous.  In a side impact, the passengers would be severely injured and perhaps expire from the blunt trauma of hitting the railroad ties.  The creosote offgassing on a hot day into the passenger compartment could scarcely be beneficial.


Billw, our beloved Lincolns have side airbags, which provide a much softer landing than a railroad tie.  Those rigs can be procured for very modest sums with pleeeenty of wear left in them, plenty.


If you are still acquainted with the misinformed safety guy, do offer him a clue por favor.



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