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>> >…I remember a guy who was so into safety for his kids that he had railroad ties put in the side doors.  I wonder what that car weighed.  bill w
>> Hard to say, but he is fooling himself if he thinks that would make the car safer.  It is likely to make the retrofitted ride more dangerous.  In a side impact, the passengers would be severely injured and perhaps expire from the blunt trauma of hitting the railroad ties.  The creosote offgassing on a hot day into the passenger compartment could scarcely be beneficial.
> I believe you’re thinking of the sleepers outgassing— not the ties (or rails). Actually, wooden railroad track sleepers might not be such a bad thing for cushioning an impact. The wood would likely splinter or crumble or collapse absorbing some of the force. Well, more than a tie or a rail would, no?

Retract that! My mistake. I was confusing ties with spikes. ;)


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