[ExI] Spherical UFO plunges into the ocean in US Navy footage

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> https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9627489/Moment-USS-Omaha-SWARMED-14-UFOs-radar-2019.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ico=taboola_feed&ns_mchannel=rss&ico=taboola_feed
> Here is a good compilation of the leaked videos from both the Atlantic
> and Pacific incidents, including a new one taken in the Combat
> Information Center (CIC) of the USS Omaha. The new footage shows the
> radar screen and chatter in the CIC as the USS Omaha is surrounded by
> between 9 and 14 of the spherical objects of the coast of San Diego.
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For a contrary opinion ------

UFOs Are Back – And They Are Still Nothing
Published by Steven Novella    May 24 2021

We have not seen a single piece of compelling evidence, only the UFO
equivalent of blobsquatch – blurry blobs, shapes, and dots with no
real context for size, distance, or speed. We basically have the same
level of evidence (and the same errors in analysis) we had 60 years
ago. There is a reason none of the video is in focus – because the in
focus images are clearly not anything interesting. They are aircraft,
balloons, birds, even insects. When they are out of focus, then
suddenly they are mysterious.


On the 60 Minutes piece (which was terribly gullible) one pilot said
that such UAP encounters were daily. This was meant to be impressive,
but it actually undermines the hypothesis that these are something not
mundane. A phenomenon so common and frequent that a pilot could
encounter them on a daily basis would be difficult to hide. You would
think by now we would have a single piece of clear evidence.
This is a general principle that crops up in very different fields. If
the observed phenomenon you are seeing is extremely common then the
cause must be equally common, or something systematic like an



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