[ExI] ElliQ - AI companion robot for the elderly

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 This type of AI companion has become almost
essential for single old people during lockdown.  bill k


I find this truly an incredible statement.  It suggests that a vast majority of us elders cannot find something to do without help.  My problem is finding enough time to do all the things I want to do, like make further dents in my pile of books.  And enough time to find new good ones to order.  I would probably find one very interesting, but very far from a necessity.  Am I really in a small minority?    bill w






Ja, you sure are billw.  Plenty of seniors can’t see well enough to read their books, or anything else.  You still have your mate.  Cognitive decline is common in one’s later years.  Plenty of others would trade places with you in a heartbeat.  We should all think regularly on all the stuff we still have that continues to work right.  We don’t need to thank evolution or any supernatural being, but thank anyway.  Gratitude is a powerful and positive emotion.  




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