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I hope that I live to see the day when solitary confinement is declared to
be cruel punishment.  Even 24 hours of it can seriously unhinge someone.
 bill w

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> Slate have an article up about how humans will find it very difficult to
> cope with space travel and living on other planets or asteroids.
> <
> https://slate.com/technology/2021/05/spacex-starship-space-travel-paradox.html
> >
> The Spacefaring Paradox
> Deep-space human travel is a lose-lose proposition.
> By Christopher Schaber      May 25, 2021
> Quotes:
> If there’s one collective lesson gleaned from the COVID pandemic so
> far, it may be the shared difficulty of being isolated in one’s own
> home—whether alone or with family members or roommates.
> When space closes in, humans tend not to thrive. It can drive us to
> the brink of craziness.
> ----
> If the dream of space travel involves new horizons and feelings of
> unbound freedom—to explore, to discover, to spread humanity—a
> nightmare lurks just around the corner of consciousness. There will be
> no real “arrival” on this fantasy trip: It’s enclosures and
> pressurized chambers all the way down. When it comes to human space
> travel, the destination really is the journey. And the journey will be
> long, and claustrophobic.
> -------------------
> I think I mostly agree. Humans are designed for the wide-open spaces
> of Earth. Space is interesting to visit for a while, but I wouldn't
> much want a life spent in a tin can.
> I vote to send the robots instead.
> BillK
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