[Exi-bay-announce] folllowup: bike (and ferry) ride

Mark Galecki mgalecki at pacbell.net
Sun Jan 25 07:35:28 UTC 2004

Well I was by myself (which is fine with me), so I started at twilight, and the ride was great, very scenic, all around SF bayfront.  The sea lions were playing in water, which was something different, as they usually are out on the decks.  This time, there were few on the decks, maybe two dozen, but there were large numbers in the water.  I was startled to discover that the Golden Gate bridge is substantially curved, a hill in itself, which you don't notice until you are on a bike.  I was in Sausalito 2 hours before the first ferry, so I continued on the beautiful Marin bike trails, and came back to the ferry.  On the ferry, one can stand right at the very front tip of the boat and have completely unobstructed view of SF waterfront approaching.  
I would like to organise another one, if SF is too flat and not enough outdoorsy, I would love to ride the fantastic Sawyer Camp Trail with other exi-bayers, but since there was nobody here but me, I don't want to bore everybody and advertise things that are not popular.  So, if anybody wants to have a ride like that, let me know.  

Sunah Cherwin <slippery at pobox.com> wrote:
>The starting address is actually 3rd St At Terry Francois St - parking is
>off Terry Francois

How did this go, Mark?
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