[Exi-bay-announce] folllowup: bike (and ferry) ride

Sunah Cherwin slippery at pobox.com
Sun Jan 25 17:35:40 UTC 2004

>Well I was by myself (which is fine with me), so I started at 
>twilight, and the ride was great, very scenic, all around SF 
>bayfront.  The sea lions were playing in water, which was something 
>different, as they usually are out on the decks.  This time, there 
>were few on the decks, maybe two dozen, but there were large numbers 
>in the water.  I was startled to discover that the Golden Gate 
>bridge is substantially curved, a hill in itself, which you don't 
>notice until you are on a bike.  I was in Sausalito 2 hours before 
>the first ferry, so I continued on the beautiful Marin bike trails, 
>and came back to the ferry.  On the ferry, one can stand right at 
>the very front tip of the boat and have completely unobstructed view 
>of SF waterfront approaching.
>I would like to organise another one, if SF is too flat and not 
>enough outdoorsy, I would love to ride the fantastic Sawyer Camp 
>Trail with other exi-bayers, but since there was nobody here but me, 
>I don't want to bore everybody and advertise things that are not 
>popular.  So, if anybody wants to have a ride like that, let me know.

I'm sorry none of us could join you, Mark. I know I ride too slowly 
on my 'bent to keep anyone company, at about 7mph tops. Your report 
was lovely. Thanks!
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