[Exi-bay-announce] Long Now Seminars on Long Term Thinking : JILL TARTER and SETI this Friday

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Thu Jul 8 09:45:00 UTC 2004

Hi Folks,
I received today, from the Long Now Foundation, a notice of a seminar
taking place this Friday, July 9 at the Fort Mason Center. Enjoy...


Dear friends,

  Jill Tarter, co-founder of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial 
Intelligence) will give a free public lecture in San Francisco next 
Friday. A thirty years project that requires a long term organization 
and a long term funding. The seminar will be online on the 
www.longnow.org website. I attached the original message by Steward 



"*The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence: Necessarily a 
Long-term Strategy*" is the title for* Jill Tarter*'s Seminar About 
Long-term Thinking this Friday.  There's no deeper question than "Are 
we alone in the universe?"  And there's no quick way to answer it. 
Slow, steady science is the hardest to fund and organize, but Jill 
Tarter has been working on the question for 30 years and the SETI 
Institute (which she co-founded) for 20 years.  The work has had 
incremental jumps in capacity, such as with the seti at home program 
(the first major peer-to-peer application) and with the Allen 
Telescope Array, coming on line later this year.

*Friday, July 9, 7pm, Fort Mason Conference Center*, San Francisco. 
Doors open for coffee and books at 7pm; lecture is promptly at 8pm. 
You may want to come early to be sure of a seat.  Admission is* free* 
(donation of $10 very welcome, not required).

Jill Tarter holds the Bernard Oliver chair and directs the Center for 
SETI Research at the SETI Institute in Mountain View.  Interested in 
the subject since the mid-70s, Dr. Tarter first published on SETI in 
1977.  Recipient of numerous prizes and awards, Dr. Tarter has lately 
expanded her activities to include helping educate the next 
generation of scientists.  She was the model for the Ellie Alloway 
character in Carl Sagan's 1985 novel "/Contact/" and the 1997 movie 
starring Jodie Foster.

This is one of a monthly series of Seminars About Long-term Thinking, 
given every second Friday at Fort Mason, organized by The Long Now 
Foundation.  Future speakers in the series include Phillip Longman, 
Danny Hillis, Paul Hawken, Michael West, Ken Dychtwald, Laurie 
Anderson, and Jared Diamond.  If you would like to be notified by 
email of forthcoming talks, please contact Simone Davalos--- 
simone at longnow.org, 415-561-6582.

You are welcome to forward this note to anyone you think might be interested.

                                --Stewart Brand


Stewart Brand
The Long Now Foundation - http://www.longnow.org
Seminars: http://www.longnow.org/10klibrary/Seminars.htm


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