[Exi-bay-announce] Oct 30 - Richard Dawkins In conversation with Roy Eisenhardt

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That Kepler's gig sounds like fun.  Amara is going to be in town the
last week of October, so I and a couple others are talking about a time
to get together for a dinner or something.  I don't know what exact days
Amara will be here, perhaps she will comment.  It has been suggested we
hit Passands in Santa Clara, being as there is stuff there for
vegetarians if we have any, and if you don't do spices they have some
mild edibles there, and they can do groups of a dozen easily.  It is
close by several of the usual suspects: Lee, Eliezer, Samantha, Adrian,
J.Andrew, Melanie Swan, all live somewhere near there methinks.

Countersuggestions welcome as we are still in the pre-sketchy phase.
Amara if you have a fave in the hood, do suggest.  It would be cool to
hit Keplers together and talk books on the 29th either in addition to or
instead of the dinner.



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I have already bought my ticket and it appears to be more that half sold
so if people want to attend they should get their tickets ASAP.

Richard Dawkins - 10/30/2006, 8:00 pm
Special Event
Richard Dawkins In conversation with Roy Eisenhardt Monday, October 30,
2006 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA.

Dawkins will also be at Keplers in Menlo Park on Oct 29 see:


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