[Exi-bay-announce] Superstruct: How to invent the future by playing online games

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Thu Oct 16 07:53:32 UTC 2008

For what it's worth, I checked the course Web site.  It still says
the talk was then and there - despite that time slot being reserved
for a ME course (I forget the number, but it was "Technology In
National Security").  You might want to point this out to whoever
put it on the mailing list you got it from in the first place: they
may think it happened, and need to know about this disconnect.

--- On Thu, 10/16/08, Amara Graps <amara at amara.com> wrote:

> I'm really sorry Adrian, I copied and pasted that info
> directly
> from the information I received that they sent on the
> Stanford mailing
> list. They must have changed the location or something
> about the talk
> and then did  a lousy job of informing people of the
> change.  So I
> won't trust anything from that mailing list from now
> on. Many
> apologies. :-(
> Amara
> >  >               Stanford EE Computer Systems
> Colloquium
> >>                    4:15PM, Wednesday, Oct 15, 2008
> >>           HP Auditorium, Gates Computer Science
> Building B01
> >>                      http://ee380.stanford.edu[1]
> >>
> >>  Topic:    Superstruct: How to invent the future
> by playing
> >>  online games
> >>
> >>  Speaker:  Jane McGonigal
> >>             Institute for the Future
> >
> >I was there.  Jane was not.  Neither was anything to do
> with
> >EE380; that time/date slot for that room was, it turns
> out,
> >reserved for another course weeks in advance.
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> Amara Graps, PhD      www.amara.com
> Research Scientist, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI),
> Boulder, Colorado

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