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Tom's name Here the_spoon_maker at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 12 17:21:57 UTC 2004

>Whats yer favorite food?
Anything with a strong taste! I'm not a big fan of spicy, since spicy tends 
to cover up flavors, IMO. Dosn't San Francisco have quite a large Asian 
population? Being so far inland from the coasts (darn near the midpoint?) 
Memphis has very few Asians. So I havent had far eastern cuisine in a while; 
same thing goes for Indian. . . come to think of it, I havent had anything 
other than barbeque and fried foods for a week.

But this isent just about me, this is about trying to apply the principles 
of extropians to inert sustinence! :-D Since its about complexity, should 
the food be a combination of several flavors? Making our tastebuds be all 
they could be. . . strong taste. Hm, and what about food that is good for 
the body, to increase lifespan? What is on an extropians dinner plate?

Sorry if I get longwinded, I get carried away with things sometimes, 
idea-wise. As for places to eat; I really have no idea. Some 
non-national-chain would be nice, but not necessary. (I feel like Im 
dictating. . sorry!)

I'll be leaving Memphis around May 4th, with a cross country drive/ride 
ahead. I think we'll (my mom and I) take a good week to drive slow and take 
in the sights. I know a trip down through the southwest is almost mandatory. 
Oo! Maybe we could go through Scottsdale and see the Alcor building! Does 
anyone have any ideas for places in the midwest/southwest that would be good 
for inspiring a youngun like me?

>We havne't gotten the Bay Area extropians together for a long
>time, far too long.
Can anyone ask to be anything better than a catalyst?

Looking foreward to meeting all of you!!
- Tom

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