[Exi-bay-chat] New to Bay Area

Mark Galeck mark_galeck at pacbell.net
Tue Apr 13 15:49:13 UTC 2004

Is there a very large (or active) extropian community in the area? I
know a 
while back somone tried to organize a bicycle ride. . . Do y'all hold 
meetings I could plug into? I'm going to moving in blind; I don't know a

soul in the city, aside from my mom.

Hi Tom, welcome to the Bay Area - as you will come to know, we don't
really live in San Francisco, or San Jose, or Oakland, or ..., we live
in the "Bay Area" (abbreviated BA).  I was the guy who organized a
bicycle ride - 1 person showed up, but I have weird tastes (perhaps even
for extropians).  Recently we had a movie outing too with a sushi boat
bar afterwards.  I wonder if you need advice on where to live here,
since Bay Area is big, basically there is the Bay itself, then around
you have marshes and nature preserves and such, then around that you
have cities where most people live, then around that you have mountains,
where some people live who want to escape a little from the crowd.
North of San Francisco is "new-age", SanFran itself is artsy and
cultural, East Bay is cheap (well, relatively-speaking), and South Bay
(around Sunnyvale where I live) is geeky, so take your pick :)

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