[Exi-bay-chat] New to Bay Area

Tom's name Here the_spoon_maker at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 23 18:08:54 UTC 2004

>Hi Tom, welcome to the Bay Area - as you will come to know, we don't
>really live in San Francisco, or San Jose, or Oakland, or ..., we live
>in the "Bay Area" (abbreviated BA).

Yes, I had an incorrect idea of what the Bay Area was. I knew where it was 
geographicly, but failed to properly attribute city lines. (I thought SF 
streched all around the bay)

>Recently we had a movie outing too with a sushi boat
>bar afterwards.


>I wonder if you need advice on where to live here,
>since Bay Area is big...
Thanks for the info. Thankfully I wont have to decide where to live (nor pay 
the rent!) until at least August, but more likely come then I'll be in a 
dorm. Until then I'll be living in a rented place with my mom; she hasent 
yet decided/told me what part of the city we'll be in.


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