[Exi-bay-chat] Consulting work as a life-extending activity

Tim Freeman tim at fungible.com
Sat Dec 4 00:34:29 UTC 2004

Hmm, I presume I would have heard if Mark had to give up any
resellable internal organs after making his job opening posting back
in July, so I think I'll do something similar.

I'm looking for consulting work as a programmer somewhere around
Sunnyvale.  Lately I've been working on corporate Web servers written
in Java and Python, but I'm also good at Perl, C, C++, and a bunch of
less popular academic languages.  My most interesting and useful
consulting work has been when someone says "this mission-critical
system is unreliable.  Fix it", but I've also enjoyed more proactive
scenarios where I get involved soon enough to make something that is
reliable from the beginning.

For details, check out the resume at the URL below.  

Working with another cryonicist or extropian would be fun.  There
aren't many of them.

Tim Freeman               http://www.fungible.com           tim at fungible.com
Programmer/consultant in the Sunnyvale, CA area.    I'm presently available.

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