[Exi-bay-chat] Warning of impending Yudkowsky in Bay area

Achut Reddy Achut.Reddy at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 20 21:52:06 UTC 2004


I've met you once in person, and am much more familiar with your writings.
You're welcome to crash at my place in Redwood City for the week that you will 
be here.  I'm also planning to attend CryoFeast.  Let me know.

In any case, welcome (soon) to California!


Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote:
> I am scheming to move to California before the end of January.  I have 
> not yet selected an apartment, but I'm currently looking in the Hayward 
> area. Advice on where to move is welcome; I am looking for an apartment 
> as such, rather than a room in someone's basement.  Low cost of living 
> is a concern.
> My current plot is to fly in January 1-8 (Saturday to Saturday) to look 
> at apartments and attend Cryofeast.  I have not yet bought the ticket, 
> but plan to do so very soon.  If anyone has an offer of crash space for 
> these days, or for a significant segment of these days, it would be much 
> appreciated.

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