[Exi-bay-chat] Warning of impending Yudkowsky in Bay area

Achut Reddy Achut.Reddy at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 20 21:56:37 UTC 2004

Ugh.  Sorry, that was meant to go to Eliezer and not to the whole list.


Achut Reddy wrote:
> Eliezer,
> I've met you once in person, and am much more familiar with your writings.
> You're welcome to crash at my place in Redwood City for the week that 
> you will be here.  I'm also planning to attend CryoFeast.  Let me know.
> In any case, welcome (soon) to California!
> Achut
> Eliezer Yudkowsky wrote:
>> I am scheming to move to California before the end of January.  I have 
>> not yet selected an apartment, but I'm currently looking in the 
>> Hayward area. Advice on where to move is welcome; I am looking for an 
>> apartment as such, rather than a room in someone's basement.  Low cost 
>> of living is a concern.
>> My current plot is to fly in January 1-8 (Saturday to Saturday) to 
>> look at apartments and attend Cryofeast.  I have not yet bought the 
>> ticket, but plan to do so very soon.  If anyone has an offer of crash 
>> space for these days, or for a significant segment of these days, it 
>> would be much appreciated.
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