[Exi-bay-chat] New to Bay Area

Jones, Spike spike.jones at lmco.com
Mon May 17 17:30:59 UTC 2004

Bay Area extros,

We are having a little post-nanoschmooze schmooze
at my place tonight, Monday, 17 May.  Eliezer is
here, as is Robert Bradbury.  We will be devouring
burgers from the grill and your typical summer
picnic food, but the conversation is likely to be
far from ordinary.  Your input would be most welcome.

We plan to fire up the grill around 6 this evening
but you can come earlier if you want, even right now,
hang around and talk.
Those two guys are there now, and Ill be there around 
2 this afternoon.  So come on over.  I expect the
party to linger on until perhaps 2300 tonight.  

I didn't get any beer because last time one of the
guys brought about 700 bottles of the stuff and
the extropians turned out to be scandalously light
drinkers.  {8^D  So if you want that, bring it.  
Otherwise just bring an appetite and some good
jokes.  And of course your ideas on the Singularity,
robots, technology, computers, the future, sci-fi,
cryonics, evolution, current events, and such as 
that.  It'll be wicked cool.


Directions:  state road 237 to interstate 680
in Milpitas, take 680 one exit north to Jacklin
road, left on Jacklin about 200 meters to a
right on Hillview, about 200 meters to a right
on La Palma.  Address = 904 La Palma.  Phone=
408 942 5443.



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