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Michael Anissimov michael at acceleratingfuture.com
Fri May 14 16:43:40 UTC 2004

I think you're really overestimating the differences between the two 
groups; maybe the 10% core of each is different, but the 90% majority of 
both groups blur heavily.

Tom's name Here wrote:

> My apologies. . it is Friday night.
> However, in my naivity, I overlooked that announcement of this 
> get-together was posted to a transhumanist site, rather than an 
> extropian one. Until I read "Politics of Transhumanism" by James 
> Hughes (AFTER I posted, naturally) I hadn't realized there was much 
> difference between extropians and transhumanists.
> While I'm unaware of the state of the differences between the two 
> groups, I should say I dont know that the announcement was intended 
> for reception by both groups. Or maybe I'm just reverting back to 
> childish paranoia of highschool clique rivalry.
> -Tom
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