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Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sun Jul 10 21:32:46 UTC 2005

At 04:02 PM 7/10/2005, Anton Sherwood wrote:
>Natasha Vita-More wrote:
> > Just to close and respect Simon's wishes
>(Note by the way that Simon's complaint does not apply
>to the only list to which I'm posting, exi-bay-chat.)

Okay, great.  I sent you a message off list, saying that your reply to me 
was very well stated.

> > let me say that you [Perry] are wrong, wrong and wrong.
>That summary has the virtue of conciseness if not clarity.

Well yes, when stated calmly.  I think I got the phrase from Samantha in 
"Sex In the City" where she says:  "No, no and no."  about something that 
she does not agree with.  It's just factual, not emotional.

>Do you mean mistaken in inferring your/Max's position,

Mistaken in inferring my position (Max can speak for himself).  I am proud 
of some early extropians and their passionate views, and those views 
were/are the views of individuals not ExI or the magazine.

"or in construing the meaning of the ominous phrase "global regulatory 

Global regulatory framework was written by someone and I do not know what 
she really truly means by it.  I tend to think that the Proactionary 
Principle is a pretty darn good means for addressing global issues.

"mistaken in believing (e.g.) that the laws of economics are knowable, 
broadly known, and not subject to repeal; morally wrong in opposing the 
well-meaning schemes of our betters; or some other kind(s) of wrong?"

Economics is not my subject, although I rather like the views of Shapiorand 
Varian.  I'm thinking toward a networked economy.

> > Anyway, let's discuss off list and see if we can resolve some
> > misconceptions and soften your blows, which frankly are more
> > like a lynching than from a rational aim. . . .
>Aww, did the poor wittle Progressive ox get gored in spite of all its good 

Oxen don't have enough testosterone to be progressive.

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