[Exi-bay-chat] Cheap notarization in CA?

Carol Shaw cshaw at merkle.com
Tue Jun 28 18:23:59 UTC 2005


World Savings used to offer free notarizations, but I think you had to have 
some sort of minimum balance in a savings account, not just a checking 
account. They also had some problem with notarizing a document that also 
required witnesses' signatures. You could try Tim Freeman and the 
Alcor-North e-mail list.

Do you still need 8 signatures? I thought you didn't need to do everything 
in triplicate any more. There are 8 separate documents?

- Carol Shaw

At 01:51 PM 6/28/2005, Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:
>In Georgia, notarization was a free service offered by my local bank.
>In California, everywhere I've tried so far wants to charge me $10 per 
>signature!  That's a bit steep, especially if you need eight notarized 
>signatures to sign up for cryonics.
>Does anyone have a suggestion for cheaper notarization in California?
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Carol Shaw
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