[Exi-bay-chat] Stanford Quads starting lessons this Sunday in PaloAlto, CA!

Mark Galeck mark_galeck at pacbell.net
Tue Sep 27 14:20:26 UTC 2005

Well, since Kennita is talking about 

I thought I would post too, a shameless plug, to all the groups she posted
that are recognisable to me.  A physical activity too, and lead by yours
truly to boot.  For my 40-th birthday present, I got myself hired part-time
as a fitness instructor at 24-Hour Fitness (which is the 500-pound canary of
the fitness world, in other words, a fitness "Microsoft", with analogous
strengths and weaknesses).  I posted about this before - I have a 6:00
morning class in the Mountain View club - but I now I actually have a class
at a humane time, 5:30 afternoon in the San Carlos club.  You can print a
guest pass if you are not a member and come along - if you print a pass you
will likely have to talk to a marketdroid, but being a droid, they are easy
to mentally subdue for your average extrope.  

Now, what I teach right now is not aerobics, so it does not compete with the


- my classes are "strength-endurance" classes - they do exactly what it
says, and they are the best classes for the "strength" component of fitness
- you need two of those, 1 hour each, a week, you are done with taking care
of your muscles.  

And very important - unlike aerobics, or 

"strength-endurance" classes are easy, you can follow the whole thing right
from the beginning, no experience needed.  If Kennita can do 

she can grok this in a milisecond.  And, I always change the routine and
music, every class, so there is no boredom.  

(In a few weeks I will probably be staring a Step class, that's aerobics,
but I am not yet ready).  


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Subject: [Exi-bay-chat] Stanford Quads starting lessons this Sunday in
PaloAlto, CA!

Hello, everybody (apologies to non-local folks)!

Anybody who knows me very well* knows that square
dancing is one of my favorite activities.  It's the
best aerobic exercise I can still do**, and it's got
enough brain work*** and fun mixed in that it doesn't
feel like exercise.

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