[Exi-east] NJTA meet-and-greet Sunday 4/16

Joseph Bloch jbloch at humanenhancement.com
Thu Apr 14 02:21:36 UTC 2005

Just a reminder that the next meet-and-greet for the New Jersey 
Transhumanist Association will be held on Sunday, April 16th at 7:00 PM.

We'll be meeting at the same location as last time; the Barnes & Nobel 
bookstore on Route 3 east in Clifton. We'll meet in the cafe area, and 
I'll make sure we have the "NJTA" sign on our table! (Assuming we can 
snag one!)

Topics of discussion will be the upcoming exhibitor's table and 
presentations at Balticon Memorial Day weekend, and a recap of Lunacon 
in March. Plus, there are a couple of films opening this summer that 
touch on Transhumanist themes; we might want to plan on having a 
presence at an opening.


Enhance your body "beyond well" and your mind "beyond normal": 
New Jersey Transhumanist Association: http://www.goldenfuture.net/njta
PostHumanity Rising: http://transhumanist.blogspot.com/ (updated 4/9/05)

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