[Exi-east] NJTA Organizational Meeting 1/6/2007

RelocatableFem at aol.com RelocatableFem at aol.com
Sat Jan 13 04:13:47 UTC 2007

TY 4 replying.  Not only do I lack transportation, my sitting time is  
limited to total 2 hrs. daily, which mostly must be spent leaning forward rather  
than sitting back.  I have a spine problem.  I would consider having  meetings 
in my home in PA where I could change positions as often as  needed.  I wrote 
to the World Transhumanist Organization including a SASE  but heard nothing.  I 
will also try to get to the blog.  It's hard  living in a non-transhumanist 
society and would love to interact with those  like-minded.  Hope you're still 
able to help me as it's very lonely being  both a transhumanist and disabled.
Sincerely, Sherry
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