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Tue Nov 30 22:54:21 UTC 2004

>Saturday & Sunday, December 4-5; 9am-5pm
>"The Art, Craft & Technology of Composing Music for Games"
>This new 2-day course delivers a comprehensive look at the art, craft, 
>technology, and business skills necessary for a composer to build a 
>successful business scoring video games. The rapidly expanding demand for 
>video game composers has created a market for those who write music and 
>wish to augment their skills and experience to write for this new medium. 
>Special guests: Composers Lennie Moore (Outcast, War of the Ring, Dragon 
>Shard) & Rich Ragsdale (Alien vs Predator, Fight Club, Eight-Legged 
>Freaks, No One Lives Forever).
>Wyndham Bel Age Hotel
>Debussy Suite
>1020 N. San Vicente Blvd
>West Hollywood, CA 90069
>Reserve your seat online at:
>Discounts available for groups of 10 or more! Send email to 
>jeannie at indiespace.com for more info.
>A special focus of the course is to provide information to those composers 
>who are already skilled at writing music for film and television projects 
>who wish to expand their skills to include scoring video game projects.
>Special emphasis will be placed on practical, hands-on skills necessary to 
>be competitive in the video game music market, including:
>** Creative Aspects
>- Importance and functions of game audio
>- Game genres, styles of play and music elements
>- Distinction between composing for games and films
>- Relationship between music, gameplay and story
>- Immersive qualities of game audio
>- Elements of the game design document (GDD) & their relationship to audio
>- Creative challenges in scoring for games
>** Technical Aspects
>- History of game audio
>- Tools used in producing game music
>- Looping vs adaptive/interactive music
>- Non-linear composing
>- Player-composer collaboration
>- Scoring cinematics
>- Delivery formats
>- Game platforms (including arcade, console, computer, handheld, online)
>** Business Aspects
>- Structure of the game industry
>- Game development production process
>- Game audio career choices and strategies
>- Demo creation
>- Networking
>- Contractual issues
>- Game music organizations
>- Future of the game industry
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