[Exi-la] ExI: Think-Tank Team for Strategic Plan

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Mon Jan 16 18:07:34 UTC 2006

Dear Extropes and other Transhumanists, Futurists, Life Extension Activists:

Extropy Institute's New Strategic Plan, written over the summer of 2005, 
has been put into action.

The plan was developed by ExI's Board of Directors with the outside 
collaboration of Dr. Peter Bishop (Futurist and Professor of Studies of the 
Future) and Dr. Donald Emery (Business Consultant and on the Board of 
numerous non-profit educational organizations).  In realizing our new Plan, 
Extropy Institute welcomes Kerry Rameriz of the United Space Alliance and 
Graduate student at the University of Houston, who is our new Research 

ExI needs an extended think-tank team for putting the Strategic Plan's 
initiatives into action.

We are currently looking for:

1.  Resource Director for an upcoming Library of Transhumanism;
2.  Public Relations Specialist for promoting The Proactionary Principle
3.  Multidisciplinary Thinkers to creatively work with the Strategic Plan 
Initiatives production; including a new enterprise focused on The 
Proactionary Principle and education.

If you want to work with us, and we hope you do, please email me at your 
earliest convenience.  I  look forward to working with you all!



<http://www.natasha.cc/>Natasha <http://www.natasha.cc/>Vita-More
Cultural Strategist - Designer
Future Studies, University of Houston
President, <http://www.extropy.org/>Extropy Institute
Member, <http://www.profuturists.com/>Association of Professional Futurists
Founder, <http://www.transhumanist.biz/>Transhumanist Arts & Culture
Honorary Vice-Chair, <http://transhumanism.org/>World Transhumanist 
Senior Associate, <http://foresight.org/>Foresight Institute
Advisor, <http://alcor.org/>Alcor Life Extension Foundation

If you draw a circle in the sand and study only what's inside the circle, 
then that is a closed-system perspective. If you study what is inside the 
circle and everything outside the circle, then that is an open system 
Buckminster Fuller

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