[extropy-chat] Futures idea game (was Nano-assembler feasibility- politics)

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 4 22:11:19 UTC 2004

> Eugen Leitl

> Color me clueless, I never understood what the point of idea 
> futures was.
> Clearly the market can't predict better than single 
> individuals...
> -- 
> Eugen* Leitl

Gene it provides an *average* of the predictions of
the traders.  I use it as a tool to learn stuff
in a quick easy way.  For instance, watch the prices
of when the 4GHz processors will come out.  I know
nothing about that, but it gives me a quick average
of the opinions of the cluey processor jockeys.  

I learn about new computer technologies using IFX
too.  Since Im not in the loop, I don't hear about
the newest experimental technologies.  I go to IFX
and read the meme: The Hoochimer Gazazzifratz will 
outsell the Snarkely Whatsit by 2005.  Last sale 
85 cents.  I already know the hoochimer gazazzifratz
is the right thing to buy, without even knowing
what they are.  But I know where to start googling.

People don't play Ideas Futures lightly.  I notice
those who originate and trade in some meme tend to 
know wherewithal.  If you want to know about the 
schedule for the discovery of the next record prime,
for instance, watch the memes I occasionally post there.  

IFX is a hell of a tool.


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