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Terry W. Colvin fortean1 at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 5 00:59:17 UTC 2004

Rob wRote;

> --- In forteana at yahoogroups.com, Joe McNally <joe at f...> wrote:
> > Mmm. If "Mike" had done just a teensy bit more research, he might have
> > realised that the man he says "should get a medal for taking out the
> > garbage" is in fact what others might term "a violent maniac and
> drug dealer
> > who hacked someone to death with a samurai sword".
> Mike also neglected to mention that it is OK in the UK to use
> "reasonable force" to defend oneself against intruders. This does not
> include shooting at them when they are running away or (as in this
> case) stabbing them *four* times.

Barbara babbles;
Indeed. It can be deemed reasonable to defend yourself against a gun toting
intruder with a knife or a sword in the UK, but going beyond the point of
disabling your attacker's ability to use their gun is excessive force.
Defending one's home isn't about killing intruders, it's about disabling
them until the cops arrive.

I'm a collector of swords and bladed weapons, I've got 7 in all, and which
are my weapons of choice for investigating wierd noises in the night? Why my
son's walking stick is my first choice and my Bokken (wooden practice sword)
is my second.

A gun isn't a defense against a gun, it's an invitation for the intruder to
shoot first in self defense.


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