[extropy-chat] The Google Platform Meme Grows

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Thu Apr 8 17:36:13 UTC 2004

>From John Battelle's Searchblog: Excerpts from Kottke: They have this huge
map of the Web and are aware of how people move around in the virtual space
it represents. They have the perfect place to store this map (one of the
world's largest computers that's all but incapable of crashing). And they
are clever at reading this map.
Google knows what people write about, what they search for, what they shop
for, they know who wants to advertise and how effective those advertisements
are, and they're about to know how we communicate with friends and loved
ones. What can they do with all that? Just about anything that collection of
Ph.Ds can dream up. Tim O'Reilly has talked about various bits from the Web
morphing into "the emergent Internet operating system"; the small pieces
loosely joining, if you will. Google seems to be heading there already, all
by themselves. By building and then joining a bunch of the small pieces by
themselves, Google can take full advantage of the economies of scale and
avoid the difficulties of interop.
>From another Battelle's article: in this eMarketer report, as it's an
excerpt, but the suggestion is made, after lengthy throat clearing, that
Google create its own online currency so as to compete in the SFO (Search
Find Obtain) space. The article correctly points out that Google lacks
muscle in the Obtain part of the equation, compared to Amazon and EBay. But
then it says Google should get its own currency...
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