[extropy-chat] Wearable Camera Etiquette

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Fri Apr 9 16:31:12 UTC 2004

--- duggerj1 at charter.net wrote:
> What kind of etiquette will develop around these?
> For instance, I wouldn't have worn this to the
> funeral I attended last week. I would certainly wear
> it to a library or out in public, but I don't know
> if I would wear it into someone else's home. Should
> a wearer tell people about the camera? Should a
> wearer conceal it? Should a wearer offer to provide
> copies of the video to those in it? What sort of
> precedents exist? 

I've been noticing a number of people (non-Extropians
so far as I know, but not necessarily opposed to our
philosophy) say that cameras are forbidden,
restricted, or just frowned upon in so many places
that they won't carry a camera around in public, and
won't buy gear with embedded cameras that they would
otherwise want with them at most times (like cell
phones or PDAs).  I, myself, have similar reasons for
not carrying a camera.

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