[extropy-chat] RE: Humor: left behind again

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 10 03:27:35 UTC 2004

Hi Johnny!  We've missed you!

>>Spike wrote:
>>Hey cool, so they're all nekkid up there? Bet I    know what they're

>Spike! Please don't be jumping to conclusions.  I bet the situation is
that Heaven is merely filled 
>with many celibate sunbathers! 
No no, John, you have it confused with the other place.

What actually happens is this:  You know how the voice of god sounds,
deep voice booming across the sky like thunder.  Reference The Ten 
Commandments, with Charleton Heston.  Now perhaps you have heard
some time when someone is stuttering and stammering into a highly 
amplified and powerful sound system, such as at a stadium.  Sounds 
funny, right?  
Ok, now think of all the holiest churchiest people you know, the saintly

little old blue-haired grandmas, the jolly bald sunday school teacher
at the local Assemblies of god, etc, all the people most likely to be
Now bring your mind's eye back to the original scenario, all the
old saints suddenly gone, piles of clothes lying about here and there
they stood only minutes before.  

Now, booming across the sky like thunder:  Whoops, oh Jesus, did we ever
this time.  Umm...Hey could we get some clothes up here please?  Like,
right away, HEY some of you angels standing around gawking like
prairy chickens, could you guys go down there and fetch some clothes...
NO I DONT CARE where you get them, STEAL THEM...  


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