[extropy-chat] Wearable Camera Etiquette

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Sat Apr 10 20:47:51 UTC 2004

Saturday, 10 April 2004

Adrian Tymes wrote:

"I've been noticing a number of people (non-Extropiansso far as I know, but not necessarily opposed to our
philosophy) say that cameras are forbidden,
restricted, or just frowned upon in so many places
that they won't carry a camera around in public, and
won't buy gear with embedded cameras that they would
otherwise want with them at most times (like cell
phones or PDAs).  I, myself, have similar reasons for
not carrying a camera."

This seems to boil down to "I won't carry a camera because doing so invites hassle." Do I have this correct?

Eugene Leitl wrote:

"I wouldn't mind running an embedded camera in a headset, and dumping the daily video (relevancy-triggered) into permanent store. Regardless whether it's frowned upon, or not.
Personal cams are okay. 
Cams operated by a central agency, included subpoenable/ official records, undeletable, mined for biometrics, etc. are Evil."

I feel happy to fall on the side of the okay <grin>. What if use this at work to capture criticism or compliments to take back to the office? For example, I work on flight simulators and sometime pilots claim something looks false or realistic. This might trun into part of the official records of the job, and I don't know if this quite matches what you meant.

Mike Lorrey wrote:

"You can carry a wearable camera wherever you want, even into my home. If I ask you to turn it off, in my home, I expect the request to be honored, else its going to be surgically removed with a .44 magnum cleaving operation."

That seems a little dispropotionate. How about just kicking me out? This implies part of the etiquette for wearable cameras includes: don't conceal them, and turn them off if anyone objects. What sort of verification could you reasonably expect? 

What if you had one of these that you couldn't turn off? Imagine one of these mounted on a firearm such that it showed both the wielder and the aimpoint, and that pulling th trigger recorded both views. How might such a thing affect the gun control debate? Should armed civil servants have such things? Should casino workers? Should everyone?

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