[extropy-chat] Wearable Camera Etiquette

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Sat Apr 10 21:26:09 UTC 2004

On Sat, Apr 10, 2004 at 03:47:51PM -0500, duggerj1 at charter.net wrote:

> I feel happy to fall on the side of the okay <grin>. What if use this at work to capture criticism or compliments to take back to the office? For example, I work on flight simulators and sometime pilots claim something looks false or realistic. This might trun into part of the official records of the job, and I don't know if this quite matches what you meant.

It depends on what you do is recognizable as such (how can people tell you're
capturing? Optical apertures are tiny these days). Is there a policy on
gargoyling? Are you in violation, and will they pounce on you while in the
process (streaming crypted stuff offsite) or will they sue your pants off for it
afterwards, once they've figured out you captured secrets, and made them
public? Inadvertedly, or with malice aforethought, and will it make a
difference? Cameras are already offlimits in many places, whether government,
corporate, or private (lavatories and locker rooms e.g.).

> That seems a little dispropotionate. How about just kicking me out? This implies part of the etiquette for wearable cameras includes: don't conceal them, and turn them off if anyone objects. What sort of verification could you reasonably expect? 

It's easy to ask people to stop capturing in private, or just disrobe the
gear, or just suggest to leave the premises (hopefully, not at gunpoint).

> What if you had one of these that you couldn't turn off? Imagine one of these mounted on a firearm such that it showed both the wielder and the aimpoint, and that pulling th trigger recorded both views. How might such a thing affect the gun control debate? Should armed civil servants have such things? Should casino workers? Should everyone?

Should be interesting evidence, if tamper-proofed. If it's personally
encrypted, failure to yield the key would be interpreted as intent to hide

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