[extropy-chat] Wearable Camera Etiquette

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 11 06:28:43 UTC 2004

--- duggerj1 at charter.net wrote:
> Adrian Tymes wrote 
> "Yep.  Note that it's potentially a *lot* of hassle
> -
> the degree definitely matters here.  It's a
> cost/benefit calculation, and the cost exceeds the
> benefit at this time."
> Good. I understood you correctly then. Just how high
> would the benefits have to reach to make it worth
> your _personal_ while? If you'd rather not indulge
> my curiosity, I understand. 

It'd probably be more realistic to have the costs drop
significantly - i.e., make them more acceptable to
society at large.  Plus, in many cases, if I have a
camera stored where I can get it quickly - such as
around the house, in my desk at work, et cetera - that
makes the relative benefits of a wearable camera less,
since most of the time if I want to take a picture I
can do so.

If you're looking for specific, numerical answers -
sorry, but these types of costs and benefits don't
readily lend themselves to numerical analysis.
(People can make up stats about X number of unpleasant
situation averted generating Y happiness, but most of
the time in this type of case, those statistics have a
large enough error margin to make drawing conclusions
from them futile.)

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