[extropy-chat] Wearable Camera Etiquette

Harvey Newstrom mail at HarveyNewstrom.com
Sun Apr 11 15:39:42 UTC 2004

Wearable Camera Etiquette is more complicated than people think.  There 
are many times where people won't want to be recorded.  Ettiquette 
should include:

- don't record in bookstores where you can record published content 
without paying for it
- don't record near cash registers where you can record people's credit 
- don't record near public phones or ATMs where you can record people's 
PIN numbers
- don't record while using the phone where you can break wiretapping 
- don't record near computers in use where you can record people's 
keystrokes or passwords
- don't record when copyrighted music is playing or near TVs or in 
theatres or during performances where you can record copyrighted 
materials without permission
- don't record anybody if you plan to publish your recording and you 
don't have contracts for these people to appear in your video
- don't record anybody talking if you aren't part of the conversation, 
because microphones can pick up speech beyond your hearing range, where 
you can "bug" people who think they are having a private conversation
- don't record near bridges, airports, train stations, bus stations, 
tall buildings, banks or other possible terrorist or criminal targets, 
or the feds might think you are casing the location for future attacks

These are just a few examples off the top of my head where people might 
demand that your recording stop.

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